Don’t Tell

Derek Ouellette —  January 26, 2010

Worldviews are relative.

Each generation creates its own.

Each culture has its own.

But they are built upon the previous generation.

They never rise out of a bubble.

If Truth were relative worldviews would never need to be questioned.

Christians believe Truth is not relative.

Christians should always question their worldviews.

Why are we scared to do so?

What are we afraid of?

Don’t Ask Part 2.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • Eric Gregory

    I knew it! :)

  • Josh

    Derek, what’s the point of questioning if we’re truly Christians?! We have the Bible, and we have the correct understanding, the correct tradition. We’re right already! Our job isn’t to question things. It’s to inform everyone else of how wrong they are and how we’ve acquired the true knowledge of everything and how they should listen to us (including all the other wrong views that differ from ours within “Christianity”).This is the work Christ left us to do!

  • Derek Ouellette

    Josh, I sense sarcasm in your words.

    Here’s the problem. We all wear glasses whether we like it or not. And these glasses are called “worldviews”. When we read the bible we always read through the eyes of our worldviews with little awareness of how much our worldview effect our understanding and reading of the bible. No one escapes from this reality, I’m sure I have made and am continuing to make many interpretive mistakes due to my worldviews. But the more aware we are of our worldviews and where they come from the less likely our interpretive mistakes will be.

    Furthermore, the more we are aware of our worldviews the greater our humility will be when discussing controversal matters with people of opposing views.

    And… our job is to question things! Absolutely! Remember the Bereans, they question everything the Apostle Paul taught (yes, that Apostle Paul), and for that the scriptures say that they were “of more noble character” – that’s the testimony I want to have! Ironically, there is this perception today that if we just “keep the peace”, that this is commendable. The bible says just the opposite, is of noble character to “examine the scriptures every day to see” if what we’re being taught is true. It’s not that people are trying to deceive us, it’s that they themselves may have been mistaught or perhaps have not understood something correctly. So we must go back to the source.

    1 Thessalonians 5:21 – “Test all things, hold on to what is good”.
    2 Timothy 3:17 teaches that all scripture is for teaching “so that every man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work”. Now I want to be equipped for every good work. That means I must, like the Bereans, take what I have been taught and weigh it against the examining of the scriptures. I want to know what it teaches accurately so that God may – through it – transform me powerfully by His Holy Spirit.

    On Thursday, January 28 2010 I will be writing a post challenging the traditional reading of Romans 3:22. Another blogger wrote a post titled “Made Righteous in Christ” but then his worldviews take over and there is a subtly shift in his article from being in Christ to believing in Christ. I don’t think he is aware of how his worldviews have redirected his entire post away from what the biblical text has to say.

    Keep watch.

    • Josh

      I’m sorry man. Yah, it was sarcastic… Rereading it… it’s definitely a little proud sounding. Again sorry bout that. Thanks for your grace (and anyone else that’s read the comment) towards me.

      • Derek Ouellette

        It’s alright brother,

        Sarcasm can be a legitimate form of communication at times.