Don’t Ask

Derek Ouellette —  January 25, 2010

Worldviews are volatile.

They are precious.

When people feel their worldviews to be under attack they strike out.

Often irrationally.

So don’t question.

Don’t ask.

Don’t search.

Just keep the status quo and everything will be all right.

Don’t Ask Part 1.

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Derek Ouellette

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a husband, new dad, speaker, writer, christian. see my profile here.
  • Eric Gregory

    Also… don’t tell. They go hand in hand.

  • Josh


    I didn’t know you wrote in verse Derek?! lol.

    Yah, it’s important to be loving enough to dialogue, and humble enough to admit that our perspective could be wrong. We sometimes lose sight of how finite we are, how limited our understanding is in the light of the deep question of life, of the mysteries of YHWH. If we are not clothed with humility – it begs the question of whether we are even really grasping the message of the scriptures we so “violently” defend.

  • Harry

    I believe you are right since through you it was the same thing I think I said