This is a powerful TedTalks video of Kirby Ferguson’s thesis “Everything is a Remix.” Pointing to Bob Dylan, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford and others, Kirby shows how all creations are simply taking (or stealing) from the groundwork other creations laid, and building on it. This is true for music (lyrics and medley) and technology.  But the American copyright laws “run counter the notion that we built on the work of others” because it sees copyright awkwardly as “property,” which it is, says Kirby, but it’s everybody’s property and we are all building it together. “Our creativity comes from without,” he says. “Not from within. We are dependant on others.”

Kirby believes that copyright laws contradict their intent “which is to ‘promote the progress of useful arts.'”

Nothing is original.

Watch the video, check out Kirby’s website and tell me what you think.

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