Experience Project-X Breakout 2010!

Derek Ouellette —  October 9, 2010

This past year I was involved in Project-X 2010 (themed “Breakout”) in Leamington Ontario. It was an amazing and intimate event featuring Mike Guzzardo as the guest speaker, Jason Hildebrand as the professional Dramatist and a whole slew of awesome bands including Riley Armstrong, KJ52, The Afters and – best of all – Leeland.

The following is the Time Lapse Video of the whole two-day event. (About about 1:56 into the video you’ll see a dude leaning on a poll wearing a bright yellow shirt. That’s me!”)

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  • http://wendyhedrick@gmail.com Wendy Hedrick

    That looks so cool…wish I could have gone and brought KK and Kyle!