When Roger Olson and John Piper Meet For Coffee… D.A. Carson Is Sure To Juggle!

Derek Ouellette —  January 16, 2010

When back in 2007 D.A. Carson got wind that Roger Olson and John Piper were duking it out over the issue of the collapse of the Minnesota bridge, he had them flown in to face each other like men. Here is the account of that story (surely it is fiction… but hey, it’s fun):

So a reader of The Secret Diary of D.A. Carson tipped the Don off the other day about a little tiff that’s been happening between John Piper and Roger Olson. A lot could be said about this, but basically it boils down to a Calvinist and an Arminianist arguing over why the bridge in Minnesota collapsed a little while ago.

The Don is a lover, not a fighter, so I hate to see people at odds with one another (you know, unless someone disagrees with me). So I called up those two crazy cats and convinced them to head towards the Chicago area so that we could work things out. I had TEDS fly them into town first class (you wouldn’t believe how much money we have laying around from the outrageous tuition we charge) and then I picked them up from the airport in the Dragon Wagon.

Now Piper and I go way back, but I’ve only met Olson a handful of times. I’m pretty sure that made John a little overly confident because he seemed to assume that the two of us were going to work together to bring Roger down.

We met in a neutral territory: Bennigan’s. After ordering three Monte Cristo sandwiches, the conversation went something like this:

(Read the rest of this near true (but not true) dialogue here.)

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