To Stand or Not

Derek Ouellette —  December 21, 2009


Armor of God - Soldier of FaithWhen I first read this verse I was overcome with a sense of fear. Not the fear of man, the fear brought about by the evil one. But by the fear of God [Prov 1:7], the fear which all saints must embrace – for that is what it means to be a saint of God – to stand in awe.

We read: “If you do not stand firm“. It does not say simply “stand”, nor does it say “stand tall” or even “stand strong”. It says “stand firm” – resolute, purpose-in-belief, determined…

In your faith” – Be resolute in your faith! No buckling knees here, no fear that God might fail. Such a thought is preposterous, abserd, rediculous to the nth degree! For our God is a faithful God; He is a ‘Righteous God’ [Rom 1:17] meaning that what He says He will do, He will in fact do. But it must be Him who does it, not you and not me. Our job is not to do, but to believe [Eph 2:8-9], to stand resolute in Him. It is when we fail to stand firm in him and in His promises, that is when our work begins and it is at this point that we discovers that we…

Will not stand at all.” And this is the crux of the whole doctrine of perseverance. The perseverance of the saints is in fact, a perseverance of faith. It is to stand resolute in ones commitment to a God who is Faithful to His promises. At no point are Gods covenant people set on autopilot. While God’s Faithfulness is always guaranteed – He must by definition be true to Himself [Rom 3:3-6] – faith on our part is required in order that we not fail to “stand”.

The doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints is well said by the author of Hebrews:

Let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. [Heb 4:14]

And again:

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. [Heb 12:1]

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