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Derek Ouellette —  December 10, 2009

Must Christians follow the Ten Commandments? Will Jesus return in the next four years? Does Tithing bring about financial blessings? The survey results may surprise you, but I am most interested in your comments. Do you agree with the polls results, disagree or are you simply unsure?

Must Christians follow the Ten Commandments?” – Of 1,200 Christians surveyed: 88% said Yes, 9% said No, 3% were Unsure (surveyed here)

Will Jesus return in the next four years?” – Of 2,100 Christians who responded to this survey: 18% said Yes, 20% said No, 62% were Unsure (surveyed here)

Does Tithing cause financial blessing?” – of 1,400 Christians surveyed: 55% said Yes, 35% said No, 10% were Unsure (surveyed here)

I have my own thoughts and opinions about the numbers and results of these surveys. But what about you? Do you believe that Christians must keep the Ten Commandments; that Jesus will return in the next four years and that Tithing always results in financial blessings? Why or else, why not?

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