See You In September (A Blogging Hiatus)

Derek Ouellette —  July 31, 2011

I see other bloggers do it all the time.

I hear good things about it.

It’s time to find out for myself.

I’m taking a HIATUS!

I’m taking a break from blogging for one month (August!). There are several reason for this break, at the top of which is simply that I need a break. I also have several things going on in my personal life right now. We’ve moved recently and certain quarters of our place is still in shambles to some extent. I have the honour of performing a baby dedication soon and I’ll be preaching soon after that. Plus I’ll be celebrating my fourth anniversary with my wife August 4th and we’ll be on vacation all that week. Furthermore my job is kicking into overdrive and will continue to demand high levels of attention from me (that’s what happens in marketing retail, I’m working in overdrive now to make sure our Christmas season happens). And that’s just scratching the surface.

I hope in September you’ll return and engage again. I love the dialogue and have learned so much from you (my regular visitors) already this year. Here are some of the topics I have lined up to write on in the Fall:

Open Theism I’m going to write a series of posts from someone who sits on the fence but is beginning to lean toward the Open Theist side. Of particular interest is the hypothesis that Arminius himself may have been open to an open view of God.
Interview with Ken Steward In an email correspondence awhile back Kenneth Stewart agreed to answer a few questions I have about his book, Ten Myths About Calvinism. I’m going to hit him up and see if he’s still game.
More on Hell My view on hell has subtly shifted since Love Wins hit the market. I’m going to share with you what I have taken for granted and where I am today on the subject.
Inclusive/Exclusive I want to take some time to explore this subject and see if I can make any confident affirmations one way or the other.
History of Scripture I’ll share some of my history (and scars) with KJV Only advocates which launched me many years ago into a study of how we got the bible.
Making things Light I’m also going to attempt to lighten things up a bit as things on this blog can feel pretty heavy. Not sure how I’ll accomplish that yet, but I’m going to try and work out a plan.
Book Reviews You can also expect more book reviews.

Be blessed and don’t forget to stop by September one where hopefully we’ll see if a little rejuvenation can go a long way towards great articles and conversations.

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  • sapir

    good luck to you! tell us everything you did after the blogging break :)

  • Larissa

    enjoy your time off! you’ll be missed :)

  • sophia

    have fun :)

  • Michael

    Blogging break ?!! I cannot imagine myself having a brake for at least a year from now …

    Have fun for me too dear :)

  • Erin

    Have fun my friend, I know how it feels to take some time off and come back with more fresh power to do all things with comfort and ease

  • Anna

    Have a good rest dear :)

  • Larissa

    When are you coming back…?

  • Lorarian89

    enjoy your time off, hope every thing will work out!

  • albert

    good luck to you! tell us everything you did after the blogging break :)

  • gabriel

    goodbye 😀

  • Michael

    You are missed! come back already :)

  • Larissa

    Hope all is well, see you soon :)