More New Features of Cov-of-Luv

Derek Ouellette —  January 8, 2010

Cov-of-Luv is a new site. I listed some general features you can expect from me here (including the Summer Reading Book Giveaway! Woohoo). To this post I want to add a few weekly features:

  • TheoMon (Theological Mondays)

Mondays will be short posts filled with theological depth. It is during these posts that controversal “terms” and “categories” will come to the surface.

  • DevoWed (Devotional Wednesdays)

Wednesdays will be quotes and thoughts for devotional reflection and spiritual growth from authors (both classical and contemporary) and sometimes from my own reflections.

  • OpFri (Opposing View Fridays)

Fridays will be “open forum” (almost). A subject will be posted without drawing conclusions to allow different people to express their views on the matter, and to dialogue with one another. Please read Blog Rules before commenting.

  • 90SecondS (90 Second Sundays)

Sundays will be short posts on my reflections as I journey through The Bible In 90 Days. If you have taken part in this challenge feel free to share your thoughts as well (in the comment box).

  • Rebo (Reblog Fillers)

Variously between these regulated posts will be “Reblogs” – blogs I find in the blogosphere worth reposting here at Cov/Luv.

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