Let me tell you a Funny Story about “Rob Bell” and “Rob Bell” (It involves John Piper and a non-Religious Web Designer)

Derek Ouellette —  March 3, 2011

[This post has been edited and large portions deleted for the purpose of brevity]

All of the numerous blog articles written all over the web in the past few days have generally been reactionary to the neo-Reformed writters who jumped the gun on Bell, and to the Twits in the theological world who tweeted stupid stuff like “Farewell Rob Bell” (I’ll let you guess who the Twit is who tweeted tat).

A Funny Mix-Up: And speaking of Twitter, apparently @realrobbell and @robbell are not the same person! By Saturday evening “Rob Bell” was among the top ten trending topics on Twitter. But here’s the funny part, according to Christianity Today:

It appears that several people on Twitter are mixing up the Twitter username robbell with @realrobbell. Robbell is a web designer based in West Yorkshire (U.K.).

Image a lone web designer somewhere in the U.K. becoming a tweeted sensation in a single day. He’s non-religious apparently and has no idea what’s going on; he tweets:

Dear Christians, I am not @realrobbell although I hear he does really great things. Please at least look before you ‘quote’ me as him

And later the Rob Bell web designer guy from the U.K. comments that our Rob Bell (the Love Wins guy) seems to be “a thoroughly good bloke”. But if that isn’t funny enough, our confused web designer tweets this hilarious comment:

Who is this @johnpiper and why is he denouncing me? Did he not like a website I designed?

Yes, I too almost fell off my chair when I read that!

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  • http://ponderingchrist.blogspot.com/ Matt
    • http://covenantoflove.net Derek Ouellette

      The title is really funny: Doug Wilson responds to Rob Bell’s Universalism.

      That’s hilarious because how does he know Bell is a universalist? Has he read that book yet?! :) These people are wasting a lot of breathe on etchy-sketch assumptions which calls their own credibility into question. I mean, at least wait until you can be certain before you make emphatic judgements.

      We may be right, but nobody knows yet. Plain and simple. The preemptive strike is not becoming of Christian conduct if your striking a blind target. Credibility and Christian conduct would say something like this: “From the promo video and other sources, it seems clear to me that Rob Bell is promoting universalism, though at this point I can’t be sure. But if he does, let me tell you why he would be wrong and therefore a false teacher…

  • john

    And the belief in universal reconcilation/redemption, Derek, is wrong because?