Eight Comments Worth Repeating (April)!

Derek Ouellette —  May 1, 2011

Here are some comments from some of my visitors that deserve repeating:

1. In the article The Problem with Christus Victor Part 1:

“I see no problem with holding to both Christus Victor and Penal Substitution.” ~ Kyle Pitts

Neither do I Kyle! ~ Derek

2. In the article The Problem with Christus Victor Part 2:

“First time visitor to the blog and I like this post, primarly for two reasons…” ~ Ryan Collins

Always happy to have a new “First time visitor”. Thanks Ryan, stick around! ~ Derek

3. In the article Annihilationism, Universalism and the Angelic Problem:

“At the resurrection, all men will be raised and judged according to their deeds. Conditionalists have always believed that the death of the wicked will not be instantaneous, and that analogous to executions in this life, there will be some process involving pain. In similar fashion, the severity and length of the punishment that culminates in death can (and will) vary from person to person. Conditionalists do not deny torment, they just don’t think that it lasts forever.” ~ Ronnie

I did not know that about Annihilationsim Ronnie, I just thought it taught all unbelievers get obliterated at the Great Judgment. Thanks! ~ Derek

4. In the article Evangelism is Hindered: Inclusivism/Exclusivism:

“While eschewing such labels as inclusivist/exclusivist, I continue to hope, pray, and work that, as God desires, “all be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth”.” ~ F. Greg

Right there with ya Greg. ~ Derek

5. In the article Young, Restless, Reformed (In Review):

“I might be older, even cranky.. but I am not a ‘New Calvinist’, but I am an Anglican Calvinist, which ain’t “new”! :) Btw, I don’t use the TULIP much myself, but then Calvin did not teach a “Limited” Atonement to my mind.” ~ Fr. Robert

Now here’s a Calvinist I can talk to. :) Thanks for sharing Robert. ~ Derek

6. In the article Easter With The Orthodox:

“You were very blessed to have the Jerusalem flame. It appears miraculously every year in the holy sepulcher of Christ and for the first 33 minutes, it is said, it does not burn you.” ~ Jodie Anna

Jodie, I did not know that. I’m always the skeptic though. But it was an honour to take part in the tradition. ~ Derek

7. In the article, Evangelism is Hindered: Inclusivism/Exclusivism:

“Derek, In some ways I’m there too. But how I understand the Bible, it seems like we are at least supposed to live like exclusivists are right – aggressively evangelizing and discipling – and then trusting in God’s justice.” ~ Crystal

Crystal, you’ve wonderfully put words of wisdom to a debate which sometimes remains abstract. Thanks! ~ Derek

8. My personal favourite comment of April! In the article Evangelism is Hindered: Inclusivism/Exclusivism:

“Man i like you Derek…..I can relate to you so much and i am thankful for you and your blog/learning. Your friend, Britt.” ~ Britt

Every time I read that comment it makes me smile. It’s real people sitting behind these computer screens. Your a great guy Britt! ~ Derek

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  • Kyle Pitts

    At first, I did not see Christus Victor and Penal Substitution in contradiction; however, on further reading I decided that they do contradict. This came from a misunderstanding of what Christus Victor is.

  • http://ryankcollins.wordpress.com Ryan Collins

    I’m sticking around! Haha. I enjoy the discussion here and hope I can get more involved in the conversations, as time allows of course.