Covenant of Love: Now Closed

Derek Ouellette —  June 19, 2012

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for all of the years we’ve had together here. But I feel it’s time for Covenant of Love to bid all a farewell.

While the readership of this blog has increased quite a bit over the past eight months, this happens to coincide with the period of time in which the heart and soul of Covenant of Love died. I’ve been keeping it going on life-support ever since.

The original purpose of this blog was to write particularly on God’s covenant as the original tagline suggested (“Covenant of Love: This Blog is About That Covenant”). Organically the blog grew to be about more than God’s covenant, and soon it would almost not be about that at all. I changed the tagline to reflect a new direction (“Covenant of Love: Post-Conservative Musings of an Already but Not Yet Life”).

“Musings.” How cliche of blogs these days. “Journal.” “Diary.” “Catch-All.” That’s what it has come to mean. All of the good words around it are sucked into it’s black hole of “I don’t know what I’m going to write about, so I’m going to throw ‘musings’ in the mix and hope nobody notices.”

So this blog evolved into a catch-all. Mostly, in fact, the kind that catches every wind of controversy that blows its way. It stopped being a Christ-honouring tool a long time ago. It pulled out the worse in people and sometimes it pulled out the worse in me.

All of this is my fault, of course. But I feel Covenant of Love is irredeemable. A facelift won’t do. I need to be cut down to size and pursue a fresh start. It is with a heavy heart that I feel I need to say good bye to Covenant of Love.


There are many people I’ve met through this blog to which I would like to extend my gratitude.

The first person who “discovered me” (as it were) was Craig Adams. On my first blog, a Blogger account, the “followers box” in the side column had one face in it. It was his. We kept in touch, became Facebook friends, he even became a contributing author on Covenant of Love for awhile. How he manages to keep up with so many bloggers, including little ‘ol me is mind boggling. Thanks Craig!

When I started up Covenant of Love the first person to leave a comment was Eric Gregory. He got me fired up then and he still manages to get me fired up. But he has challenged me and helped me grow. He’s forced me to see from new angles. For that I appreciate his interactions.

Others stand out as well. David Leigh, a kindred spirit with whom I wish I knew in person. George Marshall II who won a whack load of books from me and remained a follower ever since. William Leslie Courtney, JoAnn Pigeon Bastien, Lawrence Garcia, Hector Peralta, Britt Gudowski, Phil Snyder, Jodie Anna, Aaron Merritt, Jon Sellers, Kurt Willems, Dan Martin, Wade Sikes and Leslie Keeney; these people have always been an encouragement to me. Alan Noble III,  T.C. Moore, Carson Clark, Rob Haskell, Brian LePort, James Palmer, James Harmer, Peter Berntsson and Matthew Cairns have always stretched me beyond my comfort zone with mostly friendly arguments and sound logic. I am grateful for their influence on my life. Thank you all. (I’m sorry if I missed anyone. Geesh, you’d think I won an academy award or something.)

This may be the end for Covenant of Love, but it’s not the end for my writing. In spite of my dyslexia which seems to be getting worse, I enjoy writing and influencing people very much. I have exciting plans to cast a new vision on a new platform with a new target audience in mind. If you want to be notified when the new project is officially launched fill out the form below with the words “Keep me posted” in the message title.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.
Derek Ouellette


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  • Dan Valade

    Ill miss the blog but will continue to enjoy chatting with you I person much more! Thanks for the stimulating, even if we didn’t see eye to eye and I didn’t comment much, content.

    • Derek Ouellette

      Thanks Dan. Ironically we’ll probably interact more now.

  • Derek Ouellette

    Having read over the post, it just seems so final. It is, of course. But I’m excited for what’s coming sometime in July. Still, I’m going to miss this place a lot. So sad.

  • Craig L. Adams

    Too bad. But, I understand. Plus: blogging can be so time consuming! And, then you wonder if anyone is reading. Still, i felt that your writing filled an important niche in the blogosphere….

    But, by all means do what you feel is right.

    Oh, and thanks for the mention. :-)

  • James

    Hey Derek,

    I found your blog back when I was researching open theism, and have enjoyed it (even if I haven’t always agreed with it 😉 ) ever since. I’m looking forward to continued conversations on facebook or whatever future blog-like site you have in the future.


    • Derek Ouellette

      James, if you found my blog while researching open theism than you’ll probably enjoy what I’m working on. 😉

      • James

        Probably, but then again, the future isn’t set in stone! :-)

  • Jose HC

    It is sad…but I think it is even more exciting that you are starting out a new stage/phase in your writing/ministry… but as you know I only really read your ‘personal’ posts so I am hoping you will still do those in your new blog.

    I too am in the midst of revamping everything I do online. Change is good too… :)

    Press on!

  • danny

    Well, this is a bummer. But considering how rarely I blog I can’t judge anyone for hanging it up.

    Blessings, brother.