Clark Pinnock’s Memorial Service

Derek Ouellette —  September 15, 2010

Approximately 9 minutes worth in his small church in Hamilton Ontario.

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Derek Ouellette

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a husband, new dad, speaker, writer, christian. see my profile here.
  • Wendy Hedrick

    Funny and Touching at the same time.

  • David Steeves

    Hi, I’m the guy that filmed this video, Thank you posting it so others can hear what a great example Clark was.
    I have never known anyone like him, such a gift to us all.
    I can tell you how nervous I was as a Bible collage drop out lay preacher giving a sermon with Clark in the audience.
    He was always gracious and somehow fit in with our rag tag congregation.
    Our Congregation is better off from knowing him.

    I traced or found your website from hits to Clarks youtube video. Soon I was lost in your interesting articles

  • Derek Ouellette

    Thanks Dave,

    I really had hoped that I would reach McMaster before Clark retired. He has been influential in my own spiritual journey and by all accounts was a very humble man. Alas he has gone to be with the Lord, and we will one day join him.

    I’ve been wanting to visit your church and maybe one day I will make it. If so I’ll look you up.

  • Debbie Iversen

    I’m so thankful that this is on the web. I was also not able to be present at the funeral. The testimonies about Clark were so true to my own experience with him and Dorothy. Such a gracious man. He will be greatly missed.