C.S. Lewis Remembered After 50 Years

Derek Ouellette —  January 2, 2013

It has been 50 years since the death of C.S. Lewis (1898-1963). This means we can expect a lot of attention given to this ecumenical storyteller, and I’ll be doing my part to contribute what I can.

For starters there will be weekly “C.S. Lewis quotes” here at Covenant of Love. Lewis was a very quotable figure, quite whimsical. His first passion was poetry. He wanted to be a poet. Instead he became a writer of prose with rhythm.

Second I’ll be giving his life and influence some thought. As some have already observed, it’s remarkable that a pipe-smoking, beer-drinking high Anglican can have such clout among conservative evangelicals. Why is that?

Third I’ll be reviewing new content on Lewis’s life throughout the year, prememinently the forthcoming biography by Alister McGrath. It comes out in March, 2013, and I’m already almost through my advanced copy. Let me promise you this: this book will upset the status-quo of Lewis’ biographers. And it’s a delightful read in it’s own right.

Finally I’ll be delivering relevant Lewis content to you as I receive it.

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