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Derek Ouellette —  January 31, 2012

Here’s some news from around the (Christian) Blogosphere.

Jana Riess tells us her Top 5 Reasons Book Authors Should Blog.

Kurt Willems shows us a classic hymn and suggests that it could be titled “Love Wins”. He also points out that Clark Pinnock wrote a book on inclusivism by the same title. The hymn is called “There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy“.

Jefferson Bethke posted a Youtube rap video titled “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus“. Donald Miller endorses the video. Kevin DeYoung rebukes it verse by verse. Jeff repented of his video. Catholic rapping home boys joined the discussion with holy beat of their own. The whole riffraff is summarized by Eryn Sun here.

Trevin Wax officially moved into the Gospel Coalition neighbourhood.

Do you have to read a book cover to cover if you plan to review it?

Rob Bell Dot Com? Well, in case you didn’t know it, Derek Ouellette Dot Com too. (I don’t know how new Bell’s dot com is, it might very well not be new.)

Biology Professor Justin Topp begins to review Peter Enns book, The Evolution of Adam.

Brain LePort posts videos of Evans and Erhmans debate.

The Rev. Roger Wolsey writes Why Mark Driscoll Needs An Elephant:

As I understand it, in India where rural people live and work with elephants, they’ve come to learn things about elephant behavior. Like humans, elephant calves stay close to their mothers side longer than most other animals. When young male elephants are finally sent forth on their own, they sometimes form wild gangs that terrorize villagers with their rampages.

The villagers have learned that introducing a fully grown bull elephant into the gang of hoodlums mellows them out almost instantly. They thrive when there’s a large male around who they all know could kick their butts (that’s the paradigm that Driscoll operates out of). It’s not really about the potential to kick-ass. It’s that they respect a fully grown mature male and know that they can learn much about how to socialize from being around him. They learn patience, self-control, and they blossom into maturity.

I would submit that

we need to introduce the Christian equivalent of some bull elephants into Driscoll’s village where he is on a rampage.

I’m willing to be part of such a team…though I’m fully aware that I’m still maturing myself, aside from being in ministry for 17 years and having served a wide range of churches. While not particularly big in stature, I’m disproportionately strong for my size and age. I’m currently a fit 43 and weigh in at 155 lbs and can bench press 230lbs (if you give me a couple of months to work back up to it — I’ve been doing a lot of yoga recently).

Is this the future of the library (Below)?

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  • Dan Valade

    I’ve had a love/hate response to Driscoll for awhile but this situation and the attacks on him and Mars Hill Church is very disturbing. People are ready to hang him based on one guys story? Even the other accounts of power abuse that are linked on some sites end up being one or two peoples rants? I think it is dangerous when we attack on so little.

    • Derek Ouellette

      I think the situation with Mars Hill is really a culmination of things related to what Driscoll has been saying and doing over the past several months. This one guy’s story is being backed up by various people around the web who attend or know someone who attends Mars Hill, though those people themselves can’t be verified (but I do sense a truthfulness and sincerity in their comments).

      In any case, if Andrew’s story is only 50% true, who’s going to stand up for the little guy?

  • Justin Topp

    Thanks for the mention, Derek. Hope you’re enjoying the review. I would also encourage you to check out the Brazos blog tour page for reviews from different perspectives. I think I’m the only one (or one of two) science folk reviewing it, and there’s some other great people reviewing it too.