Ancient-Future Series: Contributing My Part

Derek Ouellette —  February 7, 2012

There is a six week series held here in Windsor at Central United Church that has been designed to amalgamate the arts, music and word along with the blending of ancient traditions, our future hope and how all of that ties into our contemporary lives.

The layout week by week looks like this:

Jan 27 – GOD SHOWING UP (Incarnation)
Feb 3 – GOD THOUGHTS (Contemplation)
Feb 10 – TRANSFORMING LIGHT (Holiness)
Feb 17 – ORPHANS, WIDOWS & PRESENCE (Social Justice)
Feb 24 – WIND, FIRE, RAIN (Charismatic)
Mar 2 – ON A MISSION FROM GOD (Evangelical)

I’ve been invited to be a part of this and asked to take a look at the Holiness Tradition which is – I think appropriately and affectionally so – titled Transforming Light. If you can I would invite you to come to this event.

If you plan to attend I’d like to give you a quote to think about ahead of time:

“People often suggest, or even simply assume, that one of the main things Jesus came to do was to tell us more clearly what the rules were and to give us a wonderful example of how to keep them… Which then runs into difficulties, because people quickly discover that they can’t keep them, and so a different mode breaks in: Jesus came to bring forgiveness for our rule-breaking; but once we’ve grasped that, we have to go back to rule-keeping again.” – N.T. Wright

Do you agree or disagree with the assessment in this quote? What part (if any) does rule-keeping play in the Christian life?

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