A Second Glance: 16.08.10.

Derek Ouellette —  August 16, 2010

A new feature has been added to Covenant of Love today called A Second Glance. Every Monday sit back, relax, and review some of the best articles I’ve come across from the previous week. In a sense, while we move forward into this week we’re taking a brief glance in the rear-view mirror.

→ Keas over at N.T. Wright Project explores “Wrightian Ecclesiology“.

→  John Stackhouse answers the question, “What Is a Church?“.

→ Michael Patton wrestles with how Bible Interpretation works, “original audience, timeless audience, contemporary audience”.

→ Roger Olson argues that Calvinism is just as diverse (if not more diverse) than Arminianism.

→ Fr. Robert over at Irishanglican’s Blog, reflects on Psalms 86.

→ Brian Leport at Near Emmaus testifies to an instance when Tongues with an Interpretation functioned in a way which would make Paul proud.

→ Gordan MacDonald writes on Anne Rice’s Renunciation of Christianity, suggesting that after a conversation with him she may “de-quite”. In the same post he reflects on those who have gone further then Anne and “left the faith” altogether, asking the question can some be “de-converted?” going so far as to suggest the need for a conversion-like renewal experience every day.

→ John Armstrong explores Evangelicals slow move toward Interfaith Dialogue.

→ Craig over at Simul Iustus et Peccator recommends Imaginary Jesus. (See my review here.)

→ Denny Burk posts a view with Scot Mcknight Interviewing Brian McLaren on “Being a Heretic”.

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