A Second Glance: 06.09.10

Derek Ouellette —  September 6, 2010

Taking a second glance at some of last weeks blogosphere developments and posts worthy of reflecting on…

  • Scot McKnight has moved his blog from Beliefnet to Patheos wants people to set their link there.
  • Kurt Willems has posted a fascinating video on the “Empathic Civilization”. If you don’t know what that means, that’s okay, watch the video anyways. You probably won’t agree with it, but if you are like me you’ll probably be fascinated by it and what’s more, it’ll get your ticker think (which is always a good thing).
  • My good friend Harry has been through quite a bit lately and a consequence, his blog has been duly neglected. I’m am happy to promote his first blog in months: The Power of God, reflections on Romans 1:16.
  • John Neposlan, Pastor of a Nazarene church, writes a post on Cultivating Faithfulness. He tells a wonderfully encouraging story of an incident that happened to Chuck Colson.

From Billy’s post…

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