N.T. Wright on Protestant/Catholic Dialogue and New Year’s Resolution

Derek Ouellette —  January 1, 2010

I think dialogue – the good kind – can be very beneficial between different traditions of the Christian faith. More olive branches and less rhetoric, that’s the motto I want to display.

This doesn’t mean we don’t hold our own views or that we flip flop to everyone else’s. It means that we hold our views in humility, admitting – at least to ourselves – that we may not have all of the answers. That some of the things in our traditions may be incorrect.

On that note, N.T. Wright recently shared something he heard while visiting the Vatican city not long ago:

I spent three very happy weeks as the Anglican observer at the Vatican’s Synod of Bishops last October. They were talking about the Bible: about how for so long they have more or less banned the laity from reading or studying it, and how now they want to change all that, to insist that every Catholic man, woman, child, cat and dog should have the Bible in their own mother tongue and be taught to read it, study it, pray with it, individually and together. Hallelujah! Who knows what might happen!

Question: why did nobody say this in 1525? If they had, we’d have been saved a lot of bother.

Let’s engage cheerfully in as much discussion with our Roman friends as we can. They are among my best ecumenical conversation partners, and some of them are among my dear friends. – From Kingdom People Blog

We have all come along way and we all have much more ground to cover. But which person do you want to be, the one who they say about, “why didn’t he/she take that position back in 2010? It would have saved everyone a lot of bother”, or “here is a person who was more concerned about the Truth then defending the truths of their traditions”.

Join me in determining in ourselves to commit to making 2010 a year of Biblical and Theological Reform and Spiritual Renewal like never before.

Happy New Year!

Make it one to be proud of!

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