McGrath: Place of Theology in Culture

Derek Ouellette —  August 20, 2010

I have a perception of a growing (and unnecessary) tention between theology and following Jesus. Theology divides, lets just follow Jesus by loving everyone. In The Passionate Intellect Alister McGrath writes:

Theology energizes and enables the church to witness in the public square, helping it to frame its compelling intellectual, moral and spiritual vision of reality. – p.14

My commentary: Theology energizes and enables believers to action! We cannot soft peddle theology – least of all a theology of the cross – in a culture which is hostle or hell bent against God – the Christian God. And every culture is.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • Rielly McLaren

    I had McGrath as a prof in Oxford, and the environment in which he teaches is a testimony to his words. Being a direct “intellectual” opponent of Richard Dawkins, he is also a close colleague in the same school.

    I believe we can hold contrasting views in theology and life, meanwhile maintaining loving and meaningful relationships. But as long as we treat theology as solely an act of the cognitive mind we will continue to demonize and treat opposing views with fear.

  • Derek Ouellette

    moving away from theology as purely a cognitive exercise to a very relevant and practical one is a major theme in McGrath’s book. What I like is that he tells his own story in this book demonstrating that the move from purely cognitive to relationship and practical theology (applying the cognitive) is process of maturity. This gives fumbling blokes like me hope for a more gracious future.