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I have joined my pastor and a small band of individuals in taking up The Bible In 90 Days Challenge.

The NIV Bible in 90 Days is formatted in such a way that if you were to read only twelve pages a day you would cover the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation in only 88 days – leaving 2 days grace.

I have attempted this before and can testify that it has been the most rewarding bible reading experience of my life. The benefit of reading the bible straight through in only 90 days as opposed to reading a One Year bible that breaks up the scriptures into an O.T. passage, a N.T. passage, a Psalm and a Proverb a day are twofold:

  1. Continuity! The scriptures are telling a story that begs to be read as a story! Imagine trying to read a novel by jumping back and forth and all over the place instead of reading straight through. The story would make no sense, you’d have to do a whole lot of inferring to try and make heads or tails out what you’ve read. The same is true (and all the more so) when reading the Story that God is telling!
  2. Comprehension! When you read the bible through in 90 days, it will come to life like never before. What you read back in Exodus will have immediate relevance to what you are reading in Deuteronomy because you’ve read from the one to the other in only 7 days. I always say, the best way to understand and interpret the scriptures is Context, Context, Context! And that is exactly what this technique offers.

Join me in reading the bible in 90 days. We’ll begin Jan 1 and end around March 25. (You can begin any time. If you join this Challenge late that is okay, we are not reading a One Year Bible, we are taking the 90 Day Challenge!)

The best way to do this if you do not own the NIV Bible in 90 Days is to find a bible without study notes and divide the number of pages from Genesis to Revelation into 90 days. This should work out to about 12 pages a day depending on your bible.

Let us grow in the Lord together!

Take up “The Bible in 90 Days Challenge”!

Leave a comment below to let me know you are on board!

(Spread the Word!)

  • Schedule: You may find this resource helpful in keeping on track. Print off this schedule and keep it next to your favorite reading place. Check off each square after you’ve read your 12 pages then should out “AMEN!”: 90 Day Schedule
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