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[This is part two of my ongoing fiction segment titled The Devil’s Tale. See the introduction and Part 1 for context]


That night the student tossed and turned restlessly desperate for an eluding sleep. His thesis, titled Sovereign God, sat on his desk merely half complete with a deadline looming like a nightmare. Calvin’s words repeated themselves over and over in his mind, “What of him? A pawn. A pansy. A puppet.” The words spoke, not of the devil alone, but of evil in general. The true nightmare was just beginning. The evil’s of human history painfully raced through his head. Hitler, Nero, the Crusades, the Inquisition. Abortion. Genocide. Murder. Rape. War. Continue Reading…

A Devil’s Tale

Derek Ouellette —  December 28, 2012

I’ve decided to try my hand at a piece of fiction.

On the occasional Friday I’ll be posting an excerpt from what I’m working on.

The tentative title is A Devil’s Tale.

I cherish your readership and value your opinions. So I’d appreciate any feedback you offer to make the story better.

A Devil’s Tale is the story of a seminary student who is writing a thesis on the Sovereignty of God. A tutelage with the esteemed professor Calvin causes the student to wrestle intently with the subject of his thesis to the point of losing sleep. Continue Reading…

Here is a story of near heresy. But its tale is telling.

It is a story of a reality revealed illuminating the dreamworld of a theology run amuck.

A devil, a pupil and a god.

The god is one of Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Calvin and Piper. The pupil is you and I. The devil, well, here’s a character you thought you knew. And he’s the one who does the illuminating.


Leaning back in his giant leather chair one evening, blissful and confident in his theology, Calvin studied his pupil who sat in silent awe, looking sheepishly across the large oak desk.

“God is sovereign.” Calvin smiled at the pupil’s confirming nod. “No, no, no. You misunderstand me.” He could see it on his face. “By ‘sovereign’ I don’t mean to hint that he is ‘overall,’ for who would dispute with that?” He dusts his cigar off in the ash bin. “He’s an Infinite Being, existing from first to last all at once. Smile? He does not smile. Feel? He does not feel. Think? Nonsense! He thought once, but that ‘once’ is a single static moment that continues on to this day. The brick has been laid. Like Walt Disney’s first animated Micky Mouse, you and I and every moment we ‘experience’ are but flat and motionless drawings placed strategically along the brick, one after another. This gives the illusion of life. The illusion of time passed. But really, hogwash! There is no such thing as time, as pass, as life. Except, of course, for God. But even there, ‘life’ is but one static moment.”

The pupil reveled in the deep wisdom of the monk and his profound insight into the philosophical mysteries of reality. But one question prodded to be asked. “What of the devil?” Continue Reading…