The Comments That Never Were

Derek Ouellette —  July 25, 2013

disqusSome time back people stopped leaving comments. I blamed myself, of course. Either my content lacked quality or I just offended too many people. It had to be the latter because in this time period I wrote a few articles which received more shares, likes and page views than anything I have done in the past.

Now I didn’t think anything was wrong with my commenting system because when someone would link to my articles I would still get a ping back showing up in the comments.

No, the fault had to be mine.

Then yesterday Stephen who has a great blog called The Tension, sent me a message on my new YouTube channel.

“Unfortunately my comments on your blog posts didn’t seem to be coming through (not sure if there was something wrong or if they weren’t making it through moderation!)”


I logged into my backend and sure enough, no comments by Stephen. In fact, no comments at all from anybody for three months. No spam. No “waiting moderation.” Nothing.

So I logged into Disqus, which is something I haven’t had the need to do on a regular basis, and lo and behold there were dozens and dozens and dozens of comments waiting to be approved, going back three months! I spent two hours last night approving most of them and replying to some.

This is terrible. Here I am thinking I’ve irreparably offended my audience when all the while my audience might be thinking I don’t value them enough to respond to their comments or to even allow them to be seen.

Frustratingly I don’t know how to fix this. So I’ll have to manually watch Disqus and try not to miss anybody’s comments while I work on the situation.

For those who did comment in the past three months, thank you, and I’m sorry for the delay.


UPDATE: I believe the situation is mostly resolved.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • William Watson Birch

    I was wondering what was going on, but figured that you were too busy these days, hahaha! Glad to be back to normal, friend!

    • Derek Ouellette

      Thanks Billy!

  • Stephen Doxsee

    Thanks for the shout out, Derek! Keep the good stuff coming and I look forward to commenting :)

    • Derek Ouellette