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Derek Ouellette —  March 26, 2010

In marketing class I discovered some interesting facts about Canadians and the internet. According to a study presented in Marketing In Action…

  • 17 million Canadians are online regularly
  • Canadians are world leaders in internet usage per capita!
  • 20% of our media time is spent online
  • We read news papers and magazines online
  • We watch T.V. online.

The world is changing so fast. It’s hard to imagine that only 5 years ago Twitter and Facebook were in the social media birth canal. Today it is difficult to imagine a world without Twitter (which recently reached its 10 BILLIONTH tweet) and Facebook.

This tells me that there is a tremendous opportunity for the Christian community to do two things:

  1. Develop beyond our denominational barriers. Traditionally we might speak of the Christian community as “communities” (plural), separate and distinct from one another so that, for example, “this” church and the one down the street rarely ever cross paths. Inter-denominational dialogue is rare and it has always been easy for brothers and sisters in the Lord to remain in the “cul-de-sac” faith – people were rarely given an opportunity to think outside of their neighborhood of faith and so are usually hostile to other Christian traditions. The internet is changing all of this as Christians interact with one another around the world. We are learning from one another and becoming less hostile to other traditions. Unfortunately, as is human nature, it has also become an occasion for Christians to become more hostile to one another – something we need to guard against!

  2. Spread the Gospel in a way no other generation before us has. Could you imagine what Paul might have done had he had access to a blog such as this?! The world is shrinking, we no longer have to stand on soap boxes and hope the crowds can hear us. The Gospel message can now be solicited and unsolicited around the world – though there still are pockets where the Gospel online has a difficult time penetrating (such as China). If there are 30 million registered people living in Canada, and 17 million of them are online every day, then why are we still asking people to come to church to save them (which is sort of like an oxymoron). We have an opportunity (collectively) to reach 17 million Canadians per/day!

I wonder what the early church would have looked like if they had access to Twitter and Facebook?

How Can We Use These Avenues To Spread The Gospel?


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