Ontario Gives Green Light To Right Light District

Derek Ouellette —  March 27, 2012
Sex workers at a press conference Monday

Sex workers at a press conference Monday

The Ontario highest court of appeals has given the green light on the red light district.

As the Windsor Star reported Monday:

Ontario’s Court of Appeal made history Monday by striking down some of Canada’s prostitution laws. The ruling will make it legal for sex workers to ply their trade indoors in organized brothels or bawdy houses, hire bodyguards for protection and live off the money they earn.

It was somewhat scandalous back in the ’90’s when the government legalized “escort services” as part of the effort to get prostitutes off the street. Something like “don’t ask don’t tell”, escort services allowed men to pay to “take women out for dinner” which wasn’t much happening. As one escort worker put it, “I’m not going on dinner dates”.

Now brothels are legalized, as long as they don’t advertise. You can enter a brothel and legally exchange money for sex. The purpose for the new law is to provide safety for the prostitutes whose career choice often comes with high risk. (But as my wife quipped, the easiest solution to eliminate the risk is to not do it. Yet that is akin to something like the whole abortion debate all over again.)

The only thing that surprises me is that it is still illegal to advertise for the service the brothel’s are offering. But I suspect that in due course that will be legalized as well.

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