“Help, We’re Gay and We’re Being Oppressed”

“So, a wry congratulations to the LGBT community. You just chased an evangelical pastor widely known and celebrated for his anti-trafficking efforts out of the President’s inaugural for the thought-crime of believing (or once believing) that homosexual sex is sinful, and homosexual desires can be controlled or cultivated in other ways. In so doing, however, you proved not only that you (unlike most oppressed minorities) wield immense political power, but you also proved that the oppressed can also be oppressors, the bullied bullies, and you proved too that evangelicals are right to have concerns that their religious conscience freedoms are in danger.”



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Derek Ouellette

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a husband, new dad, speaker, writer, christian. see my profile here.
  • James Palmer

    I’m sure the LGBT community enjoys getting lumped together as a single entity about the same amount as the evangelical christian community does.

    I’m also guessing the LGBT kids getting picked on at school and on the verge of suicide aren’t terribly concerned with who is praying at the inaugaration or how much the average LGBT person makes.

    • http://covenantoflove.net/ Derek Ouellette

      Do not evangelicals decry other evangelicals when some vocal fringe or leader or part of it steps out of line?