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Derek Ouellette —  September 14, 2010

So I’ve been at the University for almost a week now. Can you tell? I haven’t written a post since Thursday. I think I might have slightly diluted myself to think that I could maintain a moderately heavy course load while my work load is increasing (fulltime marketing in retail during the months leading up to Christmas), say “hi” to my wife on the rare occasions we actually see each other and still continue to put out a blog every other day.

Alas, somethings gotta give!

It is a sad day in deed because – to the tune of “I love to laugh” in Mary Poppins – I love to blog. Blog, blog, blog, blog…! I still plan to write. To reflect. To challenge myself and my friends. But it is impossible at this time to post as often as I have been doing.  You can expect a minimum of one post per week. I promise!

This Fall season my main course load consists of Spanish Intensive and Ancient Greek History. Meanwhile I’m already putting together and preparing for our main sale pieces for October, November and December. I leave the house at 7:00 a.m. and get home around 10:00 p.m. I’m not complaining though! I anticipate a very productive season. The busier I am the more successful I am in my tasks and, interesting enough, the more spiritual I am. Weird eh? (← Canadian.) The old saying, “Idle hands are the devils workshop” has been true enough in my life. I find that in seasons like this I am very dependent upon the Lord for strength and guidance. In myself I want to quite, do nothing and offer my hands to the devil (i.e. the temptation to be lazy is great!). So if i want to be successful this season I need to turn my hands over to the Lord while I endeavor to be diligent in the tasks set before me (go synergism!).

Anyways, I don’t see myself posting too much in relation to my Spanish class, but I already have some posts in mind from gleanings in ancient Greek as it relates to biblical Greek and the Hellenistic culture of the first century.

Until then, adios (← Spanish for “good bye”.)

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  • http://jose.cr Jose HC

    I think at some point you will find a new rhythm… and as you say you can use some of your coursework as the source for posts.

    Just remember to pace yourself and that God and family come first. School and blogging next… 😉

    Press on!