Was Jude a Calvinist? (Pt.1)

Derek Ouellette —  August 25, 2010

I used a picture of Beza rather than Calvin intentionally.

Anachronistically speaking of course. It’s easy to read Jude and come away with a strongly deterministic message. His little epistle is jam-packed with deterministic words and phrases such as:

To those who are called [Jude 1:1]

Interpretation: Meaning to the preordained elect individuals.

who are… kept by Jesus Christ [Jude 1:1]

Interpretation: Meaning those who are in his hands he will not allow to apostate, i.e. once saved always saved.

For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago [Jude 1:4]

Interpretation: In contrast to the “called”, these individuals have been passed over for damnation.

[They] deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord [Jude 1:4]

Interpretation: Those bloody Arminian and Pelagian heretics!

[Praise] Him who is able to keep you from falling [Jude 1:24]

Interpretation: once saved always saved.

So was Jude a Calvinist? Yes, it would seem at first glance that he was. Now let’s have a second look.

***To Be Continued***

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