A Devil’s Tale

Derek Ouellette —  December 28, 2012

I’ve decided to try my hand at a piece of fiction.

On the occasional Friday I’ll be posting an excerpt from what I’m working on.

The tentative title is A Devil’s Tale.

I cherish your readership and value your opinions. So I’d appreciate any feedback you offer to make the story better.

A Devil’s Tale is the story of a seminary student who is writing a thesis on the Sovereignty of God. A tutelage with the esteemed professor Calvin causes the student to wrestle intently with the subject of his thesis to the point of losing sleep.

Seeing an opportunity, the devil kidnaps the student and together they transport into a reclusive place outside of normal creation. A place that, as far as the devil can tell, not even God himself knows about. Thus begins the devil’s tale.

The devil tells the student about a dark side of God. He explains that his rebellion was in protest to God’s dark side and although only one-third of the angels followed him, the other two-thirds might have as well if it weren’t for fear of God.

The story will have many twists and turns with a shocking ending.

In essence it functions as a critique to some forms of traditional Christian theology and poses the fearful question, what if God truly is as some Christians depict him to be?

I’ve already posted the first excerpt here.

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