How Not To Kill a Blog in One Easy Step

Derek Ouellette —  June 6, 2012

Blog experts have much to say about building a successful blog. Anyone interested in building a successful platform would do well to take their advice. Some of the big tips I’ve received are 1) blog regularly; 2) title’s are important; 3) allow comments; 4) comment on comments; 5) comment on other blogs; 6) stay current; 7) publicize yourself; 8) make your blog look good; 9) et al.

Conventional wisdom says, do these things and you’ll be a successful blogger and the opposite is true as well; don’t do these things and you’ll kill your blog.

But, as important as those things are to help maintain a healthy and growing blog, your blog does not stand or fall on any or all of those tips.

The most important thing you could do to keep a blog alive, active and healthy is to write articles with excellent content. Conversely, the fastest way to kill a blog is to write articles with poor content.

If your blog lacks solid content but follows every other tip from the experts, it’ll be like putting your blog on life-support. It’s not quite dead, but it’s not really alive and vibrant either. Conversely, if you toss to the wind all of the conventional tips from the expects save one, good content, you’re blog will survive and thrive.

Content is king…

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