Here are some great posts from some of my friends around the web.

Lawrence Garcia: Recovering the True Myth of Genesis 1-2: Conversations with Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton.

“The disdain for ancient creation myths just so happened to coincide with modernism’s epistemic reductionism. Now instead of arguing for the value ancient mythology, as Lewis and Tolkien did, many Christian circles argued for an over-literal interpretation of Genesis 1-2.”

Kurt Willems: The Ugly Beauty of the Kingdom of God.

“We’ve murdered so-called heretics while failing to realize that committing murder was a worse heresy than having one’s doctrine in a perfect line.”

Trevin Wax: Life’s interruptions are Divine Opportunities.

“Those of us who follow Jesus shouldn’t act this way when interrupted. We shouldn’t see interruptions as obstacles to our plan but opportunities to embrace God’s plan.

Thanks, enjoy.


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