Elected to a Barbeque

Derek Ouellette —  November 1, 2010

One Sunday morning my pastor had announced that the church was going to have a barbecue lunch after service at the Pastor’s parsonage.

About 75% of the individuals within our corporate body attended the barbecue.

So our church had been “predestined” or “elected” to attend the barbecue, unconditionally. Not everyone within our corporate body attended the lunch.

People say that corporate election implies particular election. That is not necessarily the case; not even in regular usage.

“The church” was corporately elected to have lunch at the parsonage. “The church” would be there no matter what. But individuals were invited to attend the lunch and could freely choose to accept or reject the offer. Their individual choice to attend or not would have no impact on the fact that “the Church” would be there.

Corporate election does not necessitate particular election.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • Stephen

    Predistined does not simply mean invited, or more accurately, informed or notified. It means chosen.

  • http://covenantoflove.net Derek Ouellette

    Right. The Church was elected/predestined (chosen), but the Gospel message is a invitation to “whosoever will” believe.

  • http://www.perpetualproverbs.com Pumice

    This is a difficult concept to explain to people. I like the way you brought it out of an ordinary life experience. Isn’t that the way Jesus taught His parables.

    Grace and Peace.