Take My World Apart: A Prayer by Jars of Clay

Derek Ouellette —  January 20, 2010

This weeks prayer/devotion is interactive. Read the lyrics/prayer of the song World Apart by Jars of Clay. Afterwords click the icon to listen and meditate on this portion of the song.

Take a moment with God…

I look beyond the empty cross, forgetting what my life has cost, or wipe away the crimson stains, “dull the nails that still remain”. More and more I need you now, I owe you more each passing hour, the battle between grace and pride I gave up not so long ago. So steal my heart and take the pain, and wash the feet and cleanse my pride, take the selfish, take the weak, and all the things I cannot hide, take the beauty, take my tears; take my world apart, take it now, take it now. And serve the ones that I despise; speak the words I can’t deny, watch the world I used to love, fall to dust and thrown away.

I look beyond the empty cross, forgetting what my life has cost…

Call me a “sentimental” – or maybe it’s the “experiential Charismatic” in me – but I suggest that when you listen to Jars of Clay sing these words, that you close your eyes and meditate on them. Take this time to pray them to God. Make this a “you” and “God” moment.

A time of worship…

See you in the next post…

Click Here to Listen and Meditate

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  • http://wearethestories.org Eric Gregory

    Amen – thanks for reminding me about this song’s great beauty.