Spiritual Decay Indicator Thingy

Derek Ouellette —  August 1, 2010

I’m scheduled to preach in a few weeks and as I’ve been wrestling as late with prayer (and in prayer) I’ve decided to make it my subject of choice. In my study I’ve come across a passage in Zephaniah which is kinda like one of this indicator thingy ma-gingies (i.e. pressure velves) which tells you when things are not good. The Lord has given us a “Spiritual Decay” pressure velve (an indicator thingy):

Those who have turned back from following the LORD, who do not seek the LORD or inquire of him. – Zephaniah 1:6, ESV

When someone stops seeking the Lord or inquiring of him in pray, that is a bad sign.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • http://theoparadox.blogspot.com Derek Ashton

    Excellent point! I’ve never noticed this verse or the obvious connection made in it. Now I’d better go pray . . .

  • http://covenantoflove.net Derek Ouellette

    It’s a sobering thought, and one I’ve found to be true of my own life.