E.M. Bounds on Prayer…

Derek Ouellette —  August 8, 2010

Here is a sober reminder that Gods ways are not our ways and our ways are too often not Gods ways:

The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men. The Holy Ghost does not flow through methods, but through men. He does not come on machinery, but on men. He does not anoint plans, but men…Men of prayer. – E.M. Bounds

In a few months my church will begin our long overdue building project to enlarge the fellowship hall and provide some very necessary class rooms. But I have already over heard some casual conversation that now maybe more people will come into our church to hear the Gospel. I hope that we would heed Bounds wisdom: the Church is looking for better methods, but God is looking for a people of prayer. Let us be a people of prayer.

(Irony: we no longer have prayer nights because no one ever showed up :( )

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