A Bloggers Prayer

Derek Ouellette —  August 23, 2010

Our Holy and Gracious Father, As we enter another week the Christian blogosphere will be beaming with new posts, many of which have already been published. I pray that Covenant of Love would be an exemplar blog of Christian standards and conduct. I surrender Covenant of Love to you – especially the content expressed here – that it would always glorify you, honour your Son and be brought forth by your Spirit.

I pray for the readers of this site, that they would be encouraged and challenged in their faith both emotionally and intellectually, and that they would also challenge me gracefully.

May we dialogue in the sincerest of loves, the deepest agape of the cross. May we be one in Spirit in this blogosphere, even as the Father and Son are One. May we grow and learn from one another in all humility, sharing each other’s burdens, surrendering our pride and aiming, above all, for unity.


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Derek Ouellette

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