Yec-en-ia-ology: Happy 3rd Anniversary

Derek Ouellette —  August 4, 2010

My wife’s name is Yecenia and today is our anniversary!

The past three years have been incredible. I really did not know how to smile before I met my wife. I was a pretty big stickler. But today smiling comes pretty naturally, and nothing makes me smile like the cuteness of my wife.

She has these little sayings you know, like when I “accidentally” swat her cute little dariair she’ll say something like, “you know that the consequences are”. At which point I usually run for my life knowing full well that “resistance is futile”.  She’ll pin me down on the bed or couch or floor or wherever I happen to fall and with all eight fingers and two thumbs in overdrive she’ll tickle me “mercilessly” (her word) while I plead for my life.

She likes to sing privately. She’s a horrible singer. But don’t tell her I said so because I love her cute little voice when she does sing. It’s adorable. You know they say that God doesn’t care how “good” his children sing, he just loves to hear them sing. I never understood that. Now I do.

There are a million things I could say about my wife. She’s smart, beautiful, innocent, wise, patient, kind, proactive, merciful, playful, tender, et cetera. And she’s going to make the best mother. Period! Anyone who has seen her around children know exactly what I mean. And the way she supports me is out of this world. She is the opposite of selfish. She makes me a better man and makes me want to strive to be a better husband. She never puts me down and always encourages me. She supports me and vocally sticks up for me.

She is my wife of three years, and I could never have asked or dreamed of more.

I love you sweety! Happy 3rd Anniversary!

This slide-show video sums up our three or so years together and the song – Unbelievable by Downhere – was what the wedding party walked down the aisle to…

3rd Year Anniversery from Derek Ouellette on Vimeo.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • danny

    Congrats on 3 years! My wife and I will be celebrating 3 years in a couple months- but we have our 2nd kid on the way already, so it’s been a different 3 years. Marriage is fun and exciting. Blessings to you and your wife.

  • Tim Parent

    Again, Happy 3rd Anniversary to you both. Great job on the video, a real keepsake.

  • Derek Ouellette

    Thanks Danny/Tim

    @Danny – I think you told me that before. When is your anniversary? Children are a great blessing from the Lord and its awesome that you have one and one on the way! My wife and I are really enjoying this time to deepen our relationship, but we are very much looking forward to have children together.

  • danny

    October is ours. I thought about it yesterday, when that day hits, out of our 36 months of marriage, she will have been pregnant for 17 of them. I told her that and she just sighed.