Which Living Room Set Should We Buy?

Derek Ouellette —  June 5, 2012

My wife and I purchased our first home in February and are moving in on June 29. Our new home has a finished basement/entertainment room where our current furniture is slated to end up, and that means we have to buy a new living room set for the main floor. We’ve found two we really like and can’t decide on which to get. Both sets include a couch, love-seat and chair. The selling point for the first set is it’s legs (I like the legs) and price tag. Very affordable traditional set. The second set is a little bit more expensive but still within our budget. The set reclines, the chair rocks, and the set has a more contemporary feel, but no legs. Help us decide:

Set 1: Traditional, has legs, very affordable.

Set 2: Contemporary, reclines, costs a bit more.

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Derek Ouellette

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