Today Sassy Died – August 8/2010.

Derek Ouellette —  August 11, 2010

My wife Yecenia saying her final good-bye's to Sassy

I carried Sassy out to the car and positioned her on my lap as I sat down in the driver’s seat. We had gone on countless car rides together over the years, but this time it was different. Today we would take our last car ride together.

At first she meowed in protest, but before long she curled up on my lap as usual, and rested her head beneath my arm for comfort. I took my time and was in no rush to get to the vet. A few times she sat up as high as she could with my help and looked out the window at the scenery as we drove on by.

We pulled into the vet’s and received the diagnostic which we had tried to prepare for. A decision had to be made. Sassy was my cat and had been since birth. The decision was mine. With a shaking hand I signed the paper for Sassy Ouellette to receive her lethal injection. As she lay on the table I hugged her and comforted her. With tears streaming down my cheeks I repeatedly whispered the words in her ears, “I love you Sassy” and “thank you for being the best cat ever” over and over again. “I love you Sassy; I love you Sassy; I love you Sassy” I said while I stroked her little head. Twice I heard a near-silent whimper. Next I heard nothing. The doctor checked her heart beat. There was none.

I shook his hand and thank him for being sensitive and taking the time to explain the procedure to me so that I would know what to expect. He left me in the room with my mom who wanted to be present and we cried and hugged and I hugged Sassy again and again.

I wish I could hug her one more time. She was like my little girl and much more than a cat.

She was Sassy Ouellette and she was my little girl.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • Tricia

    I totally get it. When Bobby died two years ago I was crushed. At the same time I felt guilty that I could care that much about a cat, but didn’t react the same way to the deaths of countless people as the result of natural disasters, conflict and injustice…

  • Derek Ouellette

    That is very true. I think it has something to do with the personal connexion or bond that is built. As we remain emotionally detached from what’s going on around the world, we will remain desensitized.

  • Amy Laurendeau

    Hey Derek. I am in morning with you. I had a cat. Her name was C-C. She was 15 years old when were found out she was dying of cancer. My parents still had her when I moved out because I couldn’t take her out of what she knew was home. When she became really sick and was in a lot of pain, my parents decided to put her down. The date and time was yet to be determined, but I was going as you did to be there to the end. The part that really sucks is that when I had a flu bug and a temperature of 104 degrees, my parents decided to put C-C down and passed the information by me. As I sat on the couch for 2 days straight and in a total fog from the fever, I didn’t comprehend fully what they were trying to tell me. When I came out of the fever that next morning, I asked my mom, who was in my kitchen feeding the children, “Where is Dad?” And she said, “He took C-C.” And I said, “I want to go now and see her one last time and say goodbye.” And my mom said, “It’s too late.” Well, as you can imagine, I cried and cried and if I go there with my mind, I will cry some more. So Derek, I am morning my C-C as you morn your Sassy. What an ache it leaves in the heart and only someone who has gone through this could truly understand. I have great hope that one day I will see her in Heaven. I just have this feeling I will see her again, and I could meet Sassy, too. May you find comfort in knowing that you are not alone as you go into the valley of morning. I have a tunnel that runs there with a concession stand and a comfy bench. :o) I sit, and visit, and remember my ‘firstborn.’ Our lives are so blessed by such furry creatures. God certainly pairs children with a perfect-fit to their parents. I believe He does that with animals too, and this is just a glimpse of what it must have been like in The Garden of Eden. Animals living alongside humans and bringing comfort, companionship, and joy. There is great hope that we will have this again! Praise God for the creation of the cat! Rest in peace, Sassy, and keep an eye on my C-C!
    Love, Amy

  • Amy Laurendeau

    P.S. I do know the different of ‘morning’ and ‘mourning!’ My eyes and brain were a little fuzzy…

  • Amy Laurendeau

    P.P.S. There I go again…difference. Man, I should carry a dictionary to the valley, next time.

  • Wendy Hedrick

    For My Dear Sweet Son: My heart aches for our loss!!

  • brenda TUXFORD

    Hi Derek

    My tears flowed freely as I read your post

    I was with your mom yesterday before she called the vet. I can totally relate to you both and what you are experiencing right now. We had to make the same decision just a few short months ago when we put our beautiful Cassie down due to age related problems, one being she had stopped eating and drinking.

    She was our baby. She came to us 12 1/2 years ago as a under nourished under weight stray. She had been rescued by a very loving couple who shelter many like her. She had just given birth to four beautiful kittens. Even though she looked very sickly we decided to give her our heart. We watched her grow into a most beautiful blessing from God chosen just for us to love and care for. We had taken a baby blanket for her to lay on when we went to get her to bring her home with us.

    She soon began to drag her blanket into our bedroom. With the blanket still in her mouth, she would jump up on our bed where she would sleep. All the while she would chattering to This was her nightly routine.

    When the time came to making the choice of seeing her waste away to nothing or allowing her to go peacefully with her dignity, we chose the latter for her sake.

    Being with your mom yesterday, brought back the pain of having to say good bye to Cassie. I said my goodbye to Sassy and kissed her. You see Sassy resembles my Cassie in many ways. Our prayers will continue for all of you.


  • Tom

    I ache with you, too.

    Been there a few times, with dogs …

    How we love them; how they love us.

    Thankful for vets.

    Blessings …

  • Derek Ouellette

    Thanks Tom.

  • Valerie Fuentes

    I send my condolances for the loss of your beloved Sassy. On August 9, 2010, after speaking to the vet and watching him suffer for four days, I had to make the same decision to have my beloved Tinker Bell put to rest. Tuesday morning, August 10th, I hugged him and kissed him, put him in his basket and let him sit in his favorite spot on the front step for the last time. I drove him to the vet and held him as the vet gave him the final two injections. I put him in his basket and back in the car next to me and drove him to Pet Haven to have his remains cremated. He looked so peaceful sleeping in his basket and I cried the entire drive down the freeway. I kept thinking of all of the years that he slept at the foot of my bed, was there when I was sick, happy, or sad. He was the official greeter of the neighborhood and when I told my neighbors of my loss, I received so many cards and e-mails to let me know that he will be missed. I still see him waking from his nap and walking around the corner every night to come home for dinner and I always will for as long as I live in this house.

  • Derek Ouellette

    Wow Valerie, I appreciate the story. What you say is so true, it’s like she’s a shadow about to tilt her head at me and “meow”, signaling that she would like her “Sassy Treats”. Missing her like crazy. Thanks