Derek Ouellette —  August 4, 2013


I think the best thing about marriage, for me, is that I get to share my life with my best friend. It’s really awesome and maybe kind of unique.

As of today we’ve been married for six years. But if you include the year that we were engaged and the six months before that which we dated, the past six, seven, ‘er eight years have flown by so quick.

Some people think of life as a roller-coaster with all of its ups and downs representing the high’s and low’s.

I don’t see my marriage like that.

It’s been more like an adventure. Like backpacking through Europe. There are amazing, mind-blowing sights. There are unbelievable experiences. There are surprising cuisines. There is also a rotten meal here or there. A language barrier. A misdirection.

But let’s face it, getting lost on an adventure is much more fun if you get lost with someone else. And a bad meal only makes the next mysterious cuisine that much more anticipated. And as frustrating as a language barrier can be, charades are a lot of fun.

I’m not talking about GPS’s. I’m talking about poor decisions that took us in wrong directions. We may have headed South when we should have headed North. But we headed South together, and together we found the True North once again.

And I’m not talking about languages like Spanish or English. I’m talking about languages like personalities, convictions, and habits. My wife and I have had to play many games of charades as we learn about each other. Six years and we’re still learning. And, though sometimes it’s frustrating, charades are a lot of fun.

And as far as the meals go. We both take turns cooking. And that, my friend, has truly been an adventure…

… as has this:

Happy Anniversary, my love. :)

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