Obedience Through Love

Derek Ouellette —  June 4, 2011

If you are going to be in the Windsor area tomorrow (Sunday, the 5th) then I’d like to invite you to visit the Devonwood Community Church to hear one of the greatest speakers this side of the equator. This man is an exegete extraordinaire; a parable expositor par excellence! The greatest scholar this planet, no, this universe has ever known! Muah hahahaha!!!!!

Unfortunately he was unavailable, so if you do make it out you’ll have to put up with me. I’ll be taking a look at one of my favourited stories in the Gospel – the Rich Young Ruler of Mark 10:17 ff (title: Obedience Through Love).

Service from 11am-12:15noon
3407 Woodward Boulevard Ave.
Windsor, ON N8W 2Y8

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