New Guitar… Finally!

Derek Ouellette —  February 19, 2012

I’ve been hunting for a new guitar for, well, about a year now. A few years back I read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and – in a zealous moment of ill-timed gazelle intensity – I sold my “Baby Blue”; a thin body Yamaha semi-acoustic guitar. It was the best guitar I ever owned, had been borrowed by semi-professional musicians for live shows and held sentimental value to my wife (I sang her a song I wrote at our wedding reception with that guitar).

I still own a beat-up (though nice sounding) Takamine twelve-string, but I’ve been longing for another acoustic, something similar to my Yamaha. Well I’ve been causally keeping my eyes open for about a year now and this Friday….

Thursday: let’s back up a day. Thursday I was rushing in to work and I asked my wife if she could swing by the local music shop and pick up new strings for my 12-string guitar. This is because Friday was “worship practice” and I was to participate as a guest on this Sunday’s team. But when I got home Thursday after work I saw that she got me the wrong kind.

So Friday morning I woke up and headed over to the music shop to exchange the strings. But as I was accustomed to doing, I decided to browse the acoustic room, fiddling on this guitar and that. Then just before I left, I saw this (ah hum) “burnt-toast” (technically, “Sunburst”) looking thin-body semi-acoustic guitar with a built in tuner. I liked the sound. I liked it even more after I plugged it in (it sounds best on my Fender amp, but I had to get it home to find that out), and the price tag was inviting. This was the one.

I called my wife – we have an agreement that any personal spending over $100 would be approved by both – and she agreed that I should get it. I used it this weekend at church and was thrilled. It’s not my “Baby Blue”, but it’s the closest to it that I’ve fiddled with in years.

Very happy. :)

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  • http://FaithUnderFire Faith Underfire

    What a sweet guitar! Isn’t it great when you find the one instrument that fits like glove on “your” hand? My guitar is a Breedlove CS25 Herringbone, and I’ve had it for over two years now. Wouldn’t trade it for anything…well, maybe another breedlove.:)
    Enjoy your find!