In Keeping With Tradition: A Personal Note

Derek Ouellette —  December 5, 2011

When my wife and I got married over four years ago we started a tradition of setting aside the first weekend in December to decorate our home. But as many of you know, by our second anniversary we were living at my in-laws with all of our decorations in storage. :(

About six months ago we got out and got on our feet again and today we were able to carry on that tradition in our own place once again. It was great. We forgot what kind of decorations we had. We forgot what our stockings looked like. We forgot we had so many nativity sets (I’ve got issues. I see a unique one, I gotta buy it). It was fun. We played Christmas music, drank eggnog and coffee and pop. She cooked a really good dinner. We set up the lights and chased ornaments that my cat was trying to run away with.

I love Christmas. Not the commercial aspect of it, though the fact that my livelihood depends upon this season has dwindled my Christmas passion some. Today I woke up with strep throat (it was three days a-building), so we played lots of charades which was fun, and sometimes frustrating.

It was a good day. Next Sunday I am scheduled to preach an advent message of hope. I hope the strep will be long gone by then.

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