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Derek Ouellette —  July 28, 2011

Major props go out to Arica and her husband Josh for doing such a fantastic job of capturing the feel and look I was going for in a banner (above).

manifesto photography

When I contacted Arica I explained that I was looking for something that communicates “let’s engage”, “let’s talk”, “come journey with me”, “I’m on an adventure”. I wanted to lighten the ton a bit and make Covenant of Love a place that would be comfortable to visit.

She caught my vision, came up with the location concept and, as I already said, captured precisely what I was going for.

Join me in this coffee shop, hear what I have to say and tell me what you think. Let’s have a casual conversation of sometimes heavy stuff, sometimes dumb stuff, sometimes funny stuff and sometimes personal stuff.

Check out Arica’s site or facebook page

 P.S. Can anybody guess what the book under my bible is (hint: click on the picture in the coffee shop to get a closer look, it’s a book about my favourite figure in Church History)

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Derek Ouellette

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  • sapir

    beautiful wedding photo! im checking now the your page at FB. see you there…

  • Lorarian89

    I love your new banner!! gets a warmer kind of feeling :)

  • Wendy Hedrick

    I think it captured the look you were after….I have a Handsome Son!!! Great Job Erica!
    Love Mom

  • Shahar

    Great photo !!

  • Tayron Allyson

    Awesome photo for the wedding day. It’s a kind cool and pleasant to look both of them were compatible. Thanks for this.