29! (AGAIN)

Derek Ouellette —  February 27, 2012

My little sister Katlynn who's birthday is March 3, and my mom who's birthday is Feb. 28th. I'm just outside the picture.

So today I turn 29 again. It’ll be my fourth 29th birthday. :)

My wife’s abuelita made the observation that the soul never grows old. It’s true. With each passing year I find that the experiences I have and the things I learn change me in some ways. My perspective changes. My attitude changes. I soften up in some ways and harden up in others. But in spite of all of the ways I change, the one thing that seems to remain the same is my soul. I’m no longer 20 and it’s hard for my mind to grasp that. My body does not cooperate with me the way it used to, but my soul has not grown old. I think that is because humans were created for eternity. Imagine if the body remained as ageless as the soul, that is what we call ‘eternal life’.

Let’s hope for a happy and productive 33 year as my wife and I have a few big and exciting things planned. Please pray that God would open some doors for us and that we would grow in wisdom as we face some huge decisions in the coming months. Thank you!

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