John Piper: “I see several species of pride in my soul”

Derek Ouellette —  August 14, 2010

John and Noel Piper

I am very critical of John Piper. In my last post I fear I did not do a very good job of restraining my sharp criticism (though I tried).

When he preaches I hear “John Piper, the staunch Calvinist”. When he writes I read “John Piper, the dogmatic evangelical bully”.

It is easy to forget that John Piper is also a brother in the Lord, an individual with a family, friends, strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else.

When discussing theology it is difficult not to react to sharp dogmatism with sharp criticism. But John Piper is not just a theologian with whom I take many issues, he is also a child of the Lord with whom I have much in common – not least our shared union with Christ.

As I said in my last post, John is taking an 8 month leave from ministry. In a letter he posted on Desiring God he explains in some detail his reasons for the leave. In this letter I finally see the John Piper I have longed to see: a man of humility.

You can find his letter posted here. I’d encourage you to read it carefully.

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    I really hope it is true too.