Harold Camping Has Nothing On Ecologists!

Derek Ouellette —  June 7, 2012

End times predictions are nothing new in human history, but they seem to have jumped into overdrive over the past few decades. They arrive frequently by “your everyday cranks predicting raptures and the end of days,” and by your superstitious folk who don’t know math and create mass hysteria that would cause the ancient Aztecs to laugh with delirium. But you also have the “experts;” legitimate scientists who have recently assured us that humans have fewer than a “few human generations, if not sooner” before the world as we know it ends – with “mass extinction.”

But this prediction is just as, ahem,  “terrifying” – scratch that, more so – than any other global warming end of the world hysteria type stuff we’ve been told by the “experts” before, because this “new study” has shown that we have past the point of no return. Eek!

That’s right. Most of the eco-doomsayer’s up to this point have insisted we all buy electric pinto’s (do those even exist?) and stop releasing internal combustion – farts – before it’s too late and the world implodes or something. But now we’re being told that we’ve crossed the line. We have only a few generations left – “if not sooner” – and all we can do about it is wait and watch it happen.

The urgency now, so the experts tell us, is not to prevent the end of the world by 2077, since it’s too late to do that. Rather the hope is that we’ll recognize our gloomy future, enter a brief state of global panic, elect some more democrats to rule the world and then do our best to find a way to save our “best and brightest” (and richest) presumably by secretly building giant arks in China or something. (Youtube Video.)

The Atlantic Wire tells us “a new study by 22 biologists and ecologists has found that environmental changes on our planet are reaching a point of no return that leads to mass extinction and harms human welfare.” One scientists, a macroecologists at the University of New Mexico, admits that the situation “scares the h— out of me” (which is our cue to panic). The Atlantic tells us “this could be the most important news of 2012.” The article goes on, “The most frightening thing is that this finding isn’t about what will come if we do not act, but that our effects on the planet’s environment – global warming, population growth, and overall resource extraction – means that we’ve passed a ‘tipping point.'”

Sigh. Can’t wait for the billboards. (Rolls eyes.)

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