Controversial Bus Ad Campaign Compares Belief In Christ With Belief In Bigfoot

Derek Ouellette —  December 9, 2010

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at such nonsense. An ad campaign which may be run on city buses in Toronto next year, put on by an atheist group – the so-called Centre for Inquiry Canada which claims to be “the voice of reason” – compares belief in Jesus to belief in Bigfoot, UFO’s and Zeus. Really? At what school did they receive credentials in “Reasoning” and “Logic”? (Mental note: don’t sign up to that cracker-jack institute).

Denying Christ is comparable to denying the Holocaust or believing Elvis Presley lives on the moon. When one discovers that there are some who deny Christ – not belief that he is God, but denying that he even lived which is the clear implication by comparing him to the Tooth Faith, the Easter Bunny and UFO’s – all one can do is marvel at the desperation of these folks.

In an interview, a representative says:

Science makes extraordinary claims, but it has something to back it up.

Implying, of course, that belief in the historical Christ is an extraordinary claim with no evidence. Pure, blind faith. Ungrounded in reality, in history, in science. Can somebody say naive! Last I checked, historical criticism is a science. Besides, if we’ve learned anything over the past hundred years (what, with the horrors of not one, but two World Wars), it’s that Enlightenment optimism with it’s presuppositions squarely based upon Modernism’s unchecked overconfidence in itself proved a failure to the nth degree.

Want to know what the really sad part in all of this is? It is that people walking the streets of Toronto, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Calgary and other prominent cities will actually believe this extraordinary claim which requires – but is not supported by – extraordinary evidence.

Can somebody define irony?


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