“Atheist Pastor”

Derek Ouellette —  April 1, 2010

Klaas Hendrikse, "Atheist Pastor" of a Protestant Church in the Netherlands. He wrote a book called "Believing in a God that does not Exist".

To the tune of Jesus Loves Me: “If God were real he would love you this I know; for the bible tells me so; though you can’t trust what the bible says in any actual sense because it assumes God is real. La la la.” Like my jingle?

How about this one to the tune of Heresy:

“God is for me not a being but a word for what can happen between people. Someone says to you, for example, ‘I will not abandon you’, and then makes those words come true. It would be perfectly alright to call that [relationship] God.”

Only this quote is a tune not sung (mockingly) by me, but is a direct quote by Klaas Hendrikse, a Lutheran pastor in the Netherlands who wrote a book called “Believing in a God who does not Exist”.

The church authorities have decided not to discipline Hendrikse and, in a letter written to denominational congregants, write “People have debated the issue of Gods existence throughout time.” Now keep in mind that this is a CHRISTIAN CHURCH – A PROTESTANT CHURCH – A LUTHERAN CHURCH!

According to the April edition of Christianity Today, Hendrikse “claims in his book that he believes in the idea of God but not in the existence of an actual God”. How does Hendrikse preach the Gospel: the life, death and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ? Did Christ rise from the dead as Paul says? How does Hendrikse pray? Does he pray? Why does he pray? How does he council? How can be claim to be a Christian of any shape or form?

Can an asteroid claim to be a dog? Can a fish claim to be a tree? Can a car claim to be man? (As a side note, look at how happy he looks? Isn’t that a face who knows the joy of the Lord – oh wait, the Lord doesn’t exist.)

What would Paul say if this was going on in a Church he planted? Never mind debating his pastorate, this man would swiftly be handed over to the devil – whether Klaas believes in the devil or not!

Out of respect Mr. Hendrikse, if for nothing else then at least out of self-respect and a sense of human courtesy, you ought to resign your post and stop calling yourself a Christian! Something you are not, unless we throw language to the dogs where words mean nothing. Except even dogs know that certain words mean what they mean! Even mature dogs know “sit!” does not mean “piss”. But you Mr. Hendrikse have made the word “Christian” to carry less meaning then the word “sit” for a dog.

These are strong words – but I am absolutely baffled! Would Paul or Jesus have kind words for such a man? I do not believe so! Keep in mind, this is a man who does not claim to be on the outside of Christ – he claims to be a “Christian” (and a Christian leader to boot). Jesus and Paul treated those who claimed to be followers of God, but who were certainly not, with the harshest words. And I don’t think either of them faced someone who claimed to be a follower of Christ while simultaneously denying his existence (no God means no historical and real resurrection which means no living Jesus).

An article with details can be found here.

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  • http://harrysheresy.wordpress.com Harry Heimann

    Why does this not shock me? I just keep saying watch the church!

  • Stephanie

    It’s true, Harry does always say “watch the church.” The first thing I thought was wow this guy looks scary. It’s shocking that this could be allowed. This is like the equivalent of a vegetarian that eats all kinds of meat and still tells people they are a vegetarian. And then tries to lead other people to do the same.
    That’s the best I could come up with. But you get the idea, it’s just nonsense…
    This guy has some nerve…

  • http://covenantoflove.net Derek Ouellette

    Thanks for the comment Stephanie, you are right it is just “nonsense”.
    .-= Derek Ouellette´s last blog ..God’s Type of Normal =-.

  • Ineke Mitchell

    The congregation Ds.Hendrikse serves is not a Lutheran Church. It is obvious that the comments made are not made by someone familiar with the Dutch Protestant Church.

  • David Cornish

    Brilliant: at last a cleric who echos my take on the bible. I would like to read his book; but don’t seem to be able find it online.

  • Rev

    Unfortunately, Klaas Hendrikse’s view is more or less inevitable for anyone who takes a serious look at the historicity of Jesus and the existence of God. It’s quite shocking how common views like his are throughout the theologians and scholars of Christianity and Judaism, at least in the denominations which tend toward serving God rather than the Mannon of their own political will.

    Early Christians had a good reason to accept the idea of a God- obviously, someone had make the winds move, keep the tides on schedule, and to keep the pillars of the Earth firmly in place. Early science had known the real reasons for many of natural phenomenon, but they weren’t widely known by common folk. And since you have the answers in Scripture, why waste your time looking elsewhere? God did it.

    For better or for worse, in the twenty-first century we understand so much more. For those with a real faith on God and the strength to ask questions, the answers are out there. They don’t always agree with the claims of false prophets and other men, but God never said it’d be easy. If God has given us evidence in His Creation to support His non-existence, so be it. Who am I to spit in His face, deny His power, shake my Bible and cry “No, Lord! The Earth is not round! Surely, Satan has bested you- you laid this slab of rock and dirt on a foundation of columns!”