My Reader To You: 23.02.10

Derek Ouellette —  February 23, 2010

Blog of the week goes out to Flint Jahbone. I heard about this sermon he preached some time ago, and how some said it was the best sermon they ever heard! So Flint Jahbone goes ahead and creates a Blog and his opening three posts? He puts that sermon into print! Check out the series:

Runner Up: Matthew Anderson has an interesting post over at Mere Orthodoxy called “Playing the (a)Theological Mystery Card”. It is a fun post. He picks on several traditions (presumably his own as well) and encourages his commentors to (in light fun) do the same. He writes:

This is a dangerous card for the theologian to play, as it functions as a bit of a trump card.  Play it too early, and you short-circuit the difficult process of coming to a more robust understanding of the subject of inquiry.  Don’t ever play it, and end up like Chesterton’s lunatic who tries to get the heavens into his head, only to have his head split

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